143 Desalting and Check Dam Construction in Bolegaon and Kaldev Nimbala

Ahmednagar 2024: Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) has undertaken a significant water conservation initiative in Bolegaon and Kaldev Nimbala villages of Jalna District, supported by the Tata Power Community Development Trust.

As part of this project, BGVK has constructed a new check dam, which plays a crucial role in regulating water flow and preventing soil erosion. Additionally, desalting and nalla bunding activities have been carried out to enhance water harvesting and storage capabilities in the region. The successful implementation of these measures has resulted in an impressive cumulative storage capacity of 18,199.4 cubic meters and a remarkable water harvesting potential of 53,356.2 cubic meters.

This project not only addresses the pressing issue of water scarcity but also contributes to the overall development and sustainability of these villages, benefiting the local communities and their agricultural practices.