071 Health camp for children and Distribution of Kitchen Garden seeds

Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) organized a health camp in Karwasa village, situated in the Pitampur district of Madhya Pradesh. A total of 73 children benefited from this camp, which was conducted as part of the 'Rural Health and Nutrition' project, generously supported by the Cummins India Foundation.

Health camps for children in villages play a crucial role in improving healthcare accessibility, promoting preventive measures, and addressing specific health needs within communities where regular healthcare services are limited. These initiatives significantly contribute to the overall well-being of children and reinforce community health programs. They serve as a means of early detection of health issues, enabling timely intervention and preventive measures for effective health condition management.

These health camps were conducted in collaboration with doctors from various reputable hospitals, including Drs. Vaishanvi Sharma and her team. As part of the program, seed packets for kitchen gardens were distributed to women in Karwasa village. Each seed packet contained 10 different varieties of vegetable seeds, including Brinjal, Tomato, Pumpkin, Green peas, Beetroot, Radish, Carrot, and more. The primary objective was to supply fresh fruits and vegetables with high nutritive value to families at home.

A total of 73 women received these seed packets, and they were provided guidance on plantation methods, usage, and the importance of incorporating nutritious vegetables into their daily diets. This entire initiative is supported by the Cummins India Foundation. The community expressed their appreciation for this thoughtful initiative, recognizing its positive impact on their health and nutrition.