094 Grassroots Democracy in Action: BGVK Empowers Women through Gram Sabha Awareness in Ahmednagar and Shrigonda

Ahmednagar (2024): The Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) organized an awareness program on Gram Sabha organized in fifteen villages in Ahmednagar and Shrigonda block Ahmednagar district. Altogether 73 women participated in this programme held under the ages of project ‘Jeevan Empowering Animation’ financially supported by CARITAS INDIA.

The training session focused on topics like: how to organize Gram Sabha, what is ward sabha, how to make applications, to whom should it be addressed to, etc. The success of this intervention was evident from the fact that; women in these villages attended the Gram Sabha in their respective villages in large numbers. The women discussed various issues pertaining to the village and also demanded that a women’s village Gram Sabha be held soon.

Mrs. Ranjana Kamble thanked to all the participants for giving their valuable time for the program.