051 Exposure Visit of the students of Social Work to BGVK 

Ahmednagar 2023: First-year Social Work students from CSRD College in Ahmednagar recently undertook an exposure visit to BGVK. A total of 75 students actively participated in this educational excursion, marking it as a pivotal component of their academic journey. These exposure visits play a crucial role in enhancing their education and training, offering invaluable insights into real-world scenarios.

The visits to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a pivotal role in facilitating social work students' acquisition of practical, hands-on experience. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and its application in social work practice. These experiences provide students with the opportunity to engage with a variety of social problems, allowing them to comprehend the intricacies associated with their resolution. Additionally, such visits contribute to students' understanding of the administrative, managerial, and logistical dimensions of social work, thereby preparing them for potential roles in similar settings.

These excursions serve as a vital educational component, not only offering practical experiences but also exposing students to a diverse range of social issues. This exposure fosters opportunities for both professional and personal growth. During their visit, the students were taken to the farm to witness various demonstrations. They expressed sincere gratitude to the BGVK management for providing them with a rich and enlightening experience, further solidifying the practical relevance of their academic pursuits.