066 Preparation of Silage / Murgas (Fodder for Animals)

Ahmednagar 2023 (Maharashtra): Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK ) promoted the making of silage / Murgas ( Fodder for Animals ) in the Mathani – Balewadi Villages of Ahmednagar District as part of the WDF project, supported by NABARD and Tata Power Community Development Trust.

Making silage for animals is a strategic approach to ensuring a consistent and high-quality feed supply, especially during periods of forage scarcity or when adverse weather conditions hinder traditional drying methods. Silage is made for animals primarily as a method of preserving and storing forage crops, such as grasses or legumes, to provide a nutritious and palatable feed source during periods when fresh forage is not readily available. The process of making silage involves fermenting and storing the forage under anaerobic (without air) conditions, which helps retain its nutritional value. Silage helps preserve forage crops by preventing spoilage and nutrient loss.  The farmers were very greatful to TPCDT, NABARD and BGVK for this demonstration of cattle fodder.