102 BGVK Hosted a Workshop to Empower Women in Ahmednagar 

Ahmednagar, 2024: Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) partnered with Bosco Net to hold a Feasibility Study Workshop at their campus. 25 members from different organizations joined the event. The main focus was to study how to empower women and help them become leaders.

Mrs. Madhu Bhushan and her team from Bangalore conducted this workshop. They took part in the discussions, asked questions, and seemed happy with the answers they got. As part of the study, they visited women's self-help groups, the village leader, and other local representatives from the Shahapur and Agadgaon villages. This helped them understand the challenges and opportunities for women's empowerment and leadership development in the area.

The workshop was a chance for everyone to share their experiences and ideas. They discussed ways to support women and help them become leaders in their communities. It was a productive session that showed how working together can drive positive change.

BGVK is committed to empowering women in Ahmednagar. With the insights from this workshop, they plan to create programs that will make a real difference in women's lives. This collaboration between BGVK and Bosco Net is an important step towards a more inclusive future for the women in this region.