005 Project on Holistic Empowerment: Climate Change

Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), December 2020: The Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) has been implementing a ‘Holistic Empowerment for SHG women Project’ in the villages of Ahmednagar and Beed districts; financially supported by Manos Unidas, Spain.

The project focuses on ways to mitigate crisis of climate change, create awareness on water budgeting and management, ways to keep soil healthy, promotion of organic fertilizers and organic pesticides i.e. (vermin compost, BD compost, Jivamrut, organic pesticides, insecticides), promotion of organic culture bank in every village, trainings in good agricultural practices – changing cropping patterns, less water intensive crops etc, awareness on government entitlements.

BGVK has been conducting awareness and training people on sustainable agricultural practices with the help of various Agronomists, Agricultural Technology Management Agency {ATMA} and various other experts. BGVK organized awareness and training programmes in all the villages with practical demonstrations. These sessions focused on creating awareness on reducing the cost of the agricultural production as well as improving the fertility of the soil leading to increase in the agricultural production.

The farmers have benefitted through various initiatives of this project and expressed their heartfelt thanks to Manos Unidas and BGVK for their intervention in making farming more sustainable.