063 Entrepreneurship Development Programme for the women 

Ahmednagar 2023: The EDP training, a pivotal initiative, actively contributes to promoting gender equality by dismantling traditional barriers that might hinder women from venturing into the business realm. It champions equal opportunities, enabling women to partake in economic activities and emerge as leaders in their respective fields. This program empowers women by furnishing them with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence required to initiate and manage their businesses. This empowerment not only fosters economic independence but also enhances their decision-making prowess.

Furthermore, EDP training serves as a catalyst for economic inclusion, encouraging women to engaged in entrepreneurial activities. Recognizing entrepreneurship as a potent tool for poverty alleviation, this training equips women with the means to create sustainable livelihoods, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty through income-generating activities.

The participants expressed their satisfaction and gratitude, extending appreciation to the BGVK staff for their insightful input sessions. Concluding the program, Mr. Sandeep Bearad, the Coordinator of BGVK, delivered a vote of thanks, marking the culmination of a successful and impactful training session.