044 Empowering Migrant Children: Integration into Mainstream Education

Ahmednagar 2023: Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) has dedicated the past two years to working with migrant communities. Through the dedicated efforts of our staff, BGVK successfully facilitated the enrollment of 29 children in school.

Migrant children often experience disruptions in their education due to frequent relocations. Moving from one location to another leads to changes in schools, variations in curricula, and interruptions in the learning process, significantly impacting their educational continuity. Additionally, some migrant families face financial constraints, resulting in a lack of essential resources such as textbooks, school supplies, and a conducive study environment at home.

Recognizing these challenges, BGVK initiated remedial classes for migrant children who had been out of school. Through persistent follow-up efforts, BGVK successfully enrolled 29 children in G.J. Chitambar Vidyamandir, Ahmednagar. The school generously provided textbooks and notebooks to support the children's educational journey.

Witnessing the positive impact of regular schooling, the children are now happily attending classes. The parents express their gratitude to BGVK for the organization's crucial intervention, recognizing the significance of education in their children's lives.