081 Village Education Program Supports Over 900 Students in Ahmednagar & Beed 

Ahmednagar, 2024 - Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK) in partnership with Don Bosco Mondo, has launched a Village Education Program across 25 villages in the Ahmednagar and Beed districts. This initiative targets students in classes 1 through 4, providing crucial support to over 900 young learners.

Many students in these classes have been identified by their teachers as needing extra support to catch up with their peers. The program's primary goal is to enhance the quality of education in rural areas and reduce the student dropout rate.

Teachers play a key role in the program by closely monitoring each child's progress through regular monthly exams and homework assignments. This personalized approach helps students improve their academic performance and stay engaged in their studies.

The program has had a significant positive impact on the academic development of the children involved. By providing targeted educational support, the initiative helps bridge the gap for students who need additional attention.

BGVK's Village Education Program demonstrates the organization's dedication to improving educational opportunities in rural communities. Through collaboration with Don Bosco Mondo and a focus on personalized learning, BGVK is empowering students and paving the way for a brighter future in Ahmednagar and Beed.